Normativas World Athletics para el proceso electivo 2023

Mediante la nota circular 43/22 World Athletics dío a conocer las normativas que deberán tenerse en cuenta para el proceso electivo 2023. El contenido original de la circular es la siguiente:

Re:         2022-2023 Guidance Note on World Athletics Council and Area Association Presidents Elections

Dear all,

On 29 June 2022, the Election Oversight Panel («EOP») informed all Member Federations of the main steps to the 2023 World Athletics Council Elections dueto take place on 17 August 2023 in Budapest, Hungary and this Circular provides Member Federations with further guidance on the World Athletics Council elections and specific guidance on the Area Presidents elections.

World Athletics Council Elections Guidance

First of all, the EOP wishes to clarify that Member Federations can only nominate one candidate to be a Council Member but may nominate that candidate for different positions on the Council (Individual Council Member, Vice-President and President).

Second, the EOP wishes to inform all Member Federations that Candidates to Council will be required to take an ethical compliance elearning course and the certificate of having passed this course will be required for submission to the EOP, as part of the application process.

This new requirement is in addition to making sure the Candidate has been declared Eligible by the World Athletics Vetting Panel and has been nominated by a decision of the Member Federation’s Council, Board or equivalent taken in accordance with its constitution, rules and/ or regulations.

Access to the online course will be granted to Persons seeking to become Candidates by contacting

Area Presidents Elections Guidance

Within the next 12 months, Area Associations will hold elections for their respective Area President and Council and the EOP is pleased to remind you of the specific information provided in the World Athletics Candidacy Rules that apply to the election of Area Presidents.

The elections of Area Presidents are subject to the rules and election processes of each relevant Area Association, as well as the World Athletics Candidacy Rules and, in Appendix, the EOP provides a summary of the World Athletics Candidacy Rules that apply to the Area President elections. Please share this information with any Person who may express interest.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and all Persons seeking election to the role of World Athletics Council Member (Individual Council Member, Vice-President, or President) or Area President for their contribution and commitment to making athletics a role model for sport governance and impeccable ethical conduct.

lf you have any questions, the EOP is at your service and can be contacted on Yours sincerely,

Jon Ridgeon

Chief Executive Officer



1.      Being declared eligible by the Vetting Panel


  • Persons seeking election as Area President must first be declared Eligible befare they can declare their Candidacy. To be declared Eligible, a person must pass the lntegrity Check conducted by the World

Athletics Vetting Panel.


  • The EOP advises any person seeking election as Area President to contact their respective Area Association Secretariat, as early as possible and at least two months befare the Area’s deadline far

receiving nominations. Vetting applications can be made to the Secretary General (or equivalent) of their relevant Area Association, orto theWorld Athletics Compliance and Risk Officer2


  • World Athletics will liaise with each Area Association Secretariat (or equivalent) to conduct the vetting assessments in time far the applicable Area nomination deadlines. The names of applicants will not be



  • The Vetting Panel will infarm the relevant Area Association and Member Federation in case a Candidate fails the lntegrity Persons who have been sanctioned far corruption, doping, result manipulation, safeguarding issues and generally anyone with a reputation or track-record of acting unethically, will likely fail the lntegrity Check. Far more infarmation on Vetting, please read and understand the Vetting Rules.


  • Nominations are done in accordance with each Area Association’s election rules and


  • ThePersons who have met the applicable deadlines far Vetting, and have passed the lntegrity Check, can be declared Candidates, be nominated and, if elected, actas Area Representative on the World Athletics


2.      Conduct requirements during Area President campaigns


Candidates to Area President are subject to any specific rule or regulation of their respective Area Association related to campaigning.


In addition, the fallowing conduct requirements apply at all times, in accordance with World Athletics’ Candidacy Rules:


(a)   Acting with honesty, dignity and moderation


  • Acting with honestymeans that Candidates should tell the truth and provide infarmation and statements that are accurate and verifiable.


Not acting with honesty means, for example, making statements that are knowingly false, misleading or not true, about the state of affairs of a Member Federation or Area Association.

  • Acting with dignitymeans that Candidates should be respectful of other Candidates, their Member Federation, Area Association, Representatives and Voting Delegates, and World


Not acting with dignity means, for example, making public or prívate statements verbal/y or in writing that can cause harm to the image of another Candida


  • Acting with moderation means that Candidates should conduct their campaign in a way that is appropriate and


Not acting with moderation means, for example, spending above the campaign budget thresholds set by the Area Association.


(b)   Candidacy Expenditure


  • Candidates may spend up to EUR 25,000 on their campaign unless the limit is lower according to the relevant Area Associations rules. The period covering the limit on campaign expenditure for Area President elections is six months befare the date of the election, or earlier if decided by the relevant Area


  • The EOP has the power to audit campaign expenditure, including requesting copies of bank account


Example of a breach: a Candidate, without seeking the prior approval of the EOP, spends EUR35,000 in air tickets to travel around the Area to promote their campaign. This Candidate is later elected as Area President. Upan becoming aware the Candidate breached the campaign expenditure limits, the EOP refers the case to the A/U for a breach of the Candidacy Rules. The Official may then be suspended and unable to represent hislher Area on the World Athletics Council.


(e) Existing Officials and abuse of power


  • To be clear, it is strictly prohibited under World Athletics Rules for an existing Official to use their power or influence in arder to access or mobilise the resources of an Area Association and/ or Member Federation to favour their Candidacy against other Candidates.


A serious breach of the Rules is, for example, for an existing Area President, to use Area Association resources (buying air tickets, printing material, sending official emails, etc) to promote their Candidacy against other Candidates to the President position.


  • What is possible is, for example, for a Member Federation Board or Council to collegially decide that the Member Federation will support a Candidate to election at the Area level.


(d)   Public Statements, lnterviews and Written Materials


  • Candidates or persons seeking to be Candidates can promete their Candidacy as long as such promotion complies with the above standards of honesty, dignity and moderation, as well as any specific guidance issued by the Area Association.


Example of a breach: a person acting for a Candidate is sending emails to a group of Member Federations with negative comments about another Candidate. The Candidate’s campaign may be suspended until the comments are retracted ar the issue resolved.


(e)   Debates, Forums and Meetings


  • Only debates, forums or meetings organised by the Area Association are authorised. Such debates, forums or meetings should grant equal rights to each Candidate to promete themselves.


Example of a breach: an existing Area Official who is seeking election as Area President, uses their position within the Area Association to organise a meeting with Member Federations to promote hislher candidacy.


This situation is not only a breach of the Candidacy Rules but may a/so be a case of abuse of power since the Official is using Area Association resources to their own personal benefit (by promoting hislher




campaign}. This is unethical, and depending on the jurisdiction, may be illegal.


(f)    No promises


  • Candidates far, or Persons proposing to be Candidates, cannot make a promise to act (directl!:J or indirectl!:J) far the specific benefit of an!:J individual or Member Federation if elected to


Example of a breach: during their campaign, a Candidate commits to using the Area Association’s budget to repair an athletics track in a certain country, if the voting delegate of the relevant Member Federation votes for the Candidate. This is a breach that would result in an immediate referral to the Athletics lntegrity Unit.


(g)   No gifts / benefits


  • Onl!:J the exchange (directl!:J or indirectl!:J) of gifts of nominal value (this means, no value, far example a plastic pen, a small bunch of flowers or a mug) is authorised between persons proposing to be Candidates and persons voting in the


Example of a breach: A Candidate offers money to a Voting Delegate in exchange of their vote because the Voting Delegate is open to extracta personal benefit from the vote entrusted in them by their Federation. In sorne countries, buying ar selling votes (for cash ar any other benefit, given ar promised) is not only a breach of the lntegrity Code of Conduct, it may a/so be a criminal offence.


The EOP wi/1 pursue every opportunity to ensure schemes of voting buying ar vote selling are investigated, prosecuted, and sanctioned.


(h)   No collusion


  • Candidates or Persons proposing to be Candidates should not engage in an!:J collaboration or collusion with other Persons proposing to be Candidates with the intent to defraud or manipulate the result of the


Example of a breach of the Candidacy Rules: two Candidates agree to negotiate with their respective voting networks (for instance, a regional group of Member Federations) to support each other in arder to block out a third Candidate. While collusion is hard to prove, it seriously harms the fairness of elections, and will be treated as a serious breach by the EOP.


B!:J compl!:Jing with the standards above, Candidates will ensure the!:J are operating within the World Athletics Candidac!:J Rules and the ethical framework created far the benefit of ever!:Jone involved.


3.      Obligation to Report


An!:Jone subject to World Athletics’ lntegrit!:J Code of Conduct, including Area Officials and Candidates to Area President, are under the obligation to report potential breaches of the Rules.


Reports can be made to the Compliance and Risk Officer, on


4.      Ethical Compliance education


Candidates to Area President will be asked to complete the elearning course on ethical compliance developed b!:J World Athletics and access to the course will be granted to Persons seeking to become Candidates b!:J contacting

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